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Mister Luca T is a big fan of Andy Warhol, when his youngest daughter was born, he gave her this first name, Andie. This new birth inspires him and he creates this character Andie Love! A strong, Pop, feminine, feminist woman who fully assumes herself. Andie Love pleases, collectors are seduced by this woman who is so modern, so Pop.


He creates paintings of different sizes on wooden supports, different colors, different backgrounds, each piece is unique. The Andie Loves as well as most of the works of Mister Luca T are covered with a layer of resin which gives this blaring aspect while protecting the paintings.

Andie Love works are only sold in partner galleries of Mister Luca T. Currently the last pieces available are at Champop Galerie in Paris and Casart urban Gallery in Casablanca.

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