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Mickey and mini are characters from our childhood who grew up with us. Mister Luca T wanted to pay tribute toMickey and Miniby making them adult, making them pop and modern. No vulgarity, Mickey has only 4 fingers, but above all, it's a Mickey and a Minie who assume themselves and who sometimes can say F...

The craze around Mister Luca T's Mickeys was very rapid, andDJ Khalidwas one of the first to believe in it and to love it. He liked it so much that he made a post about it on his Instagram and his millions of followers, which was a huge boost for Mister Luca T's notoriety and the recognition of his art, his Pop Art!

Mister Luca T declines Mickey and Minie in sculptures of several sizes but all unique but also in paintings always covered with this layer of resin whose secrets he masters!

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