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In 2019, Mister Luca T exhibited his works in Hong Kong during a contemporary art event.
The effervescence of this city, mixing tradition and modernity, inspires him and makes him create his now famous Lulu 28, the graffiti artist rabbit with a big heart. A rabbit that would land on all the walls of the cities of the planet with a huge heart full of love. He decides to call this rabbit, Lulu 28, declension of the first name of his first daughter and 28 the day of the birth of his son.

At the beginning Mister Luca T only wanted to put his Lulu28 on the walls of the planet and then it took, the craze was there. Very quickly followers of Mister Luca T offered him to put it everywhere,

wherever they live. Very quickly, Lulu 28s landed on the walls of New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Rio, Marrakech, London and many others.

Since Lulu 28 exists in sculpture of 20, 40 centimeters and even 180 centimeters and of course in painting.

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