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Mister Luca T

Initially it is a successful television producer, who became a recognized Street Art and Pop Art artist among the most emblematic artists of contemporary contemporary art.

Always passionate about Pop and Street art, he decided to embark on a total self-taught in art a little by chance 5 years ago where he created his first work and it was a revelation and an immediate success. He offered his first work to one of his friends who showed it to a famous New York gallery owner who decided to exhibit it in his gallery and sold it immediately, which launched him into the art world!

Mister Luca T never ceases to reinvent himself, to evolve, to test, to create, which allows him to exhibit his works in the greatest galleries and international fairs all over the world. Among other things, he exhibitsParis, Los Angeles, Brussels, toLebanon, toMoroccoand toDubai.

From his influences for Warhol, Basquiat, Banksy, his works assemble elements from urban planning, current events, art or characters from our childhood.

He creates unique works on wooden supports or on road signs as well as sculptures of different sizes. 


The greatest personalities snapped up his works and his famous sculptures Mickey F… deDJ KHALED, to the actorARNAUD DUCRETpassing by the footballerDANI ALVES

His value continues to rise during the various auctions in which he participates and more and more collectors are investing in him.

His character ofLulu28, the graffiti artist rabbit with a big heart, which he created in homage to his first two children, which he sticks on the walls of the biggest cities of the planet quickly becomes viral and he decides to make sculptures and paintings of it which tear themselves away.

At the birth of his last daughter 3 years ago, he created the portrait of a POP woman:Andie Love, a feminist, feminine woman, a colorful and modern woman who assumes herself. Andie Love quickly became cult in the world of Pop Art and the canvases were snapped up so much that they became increasingly rare to find.


In 2021, he signs with the rights holdersSophie The Giraffeto create inexclusivity of the sculpturesof the famous toy. Sculptures in different sizes 18 cm, 40 cm and even 180 cm which are mostly customized with its Pop touch.

In 2022, faced with demand, Mister Luca T decided to launchlimited editionsnumbered and signed of some of his works in order to make his work always accessible. These editions are available on the Mister Luca T website in the shopping section.

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